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To be clear, I do not teach meditation!

Nobody can teach you meditation because meditation is a state you become aware of while bringing your attention to the present moment. Meditation transformed my life; helping me live to my fullest potential. I share meditation techniques and guide others on how to use and choose these techniques.

Meditation was the 2nd and most important puzzle piece on my path. Living in New York’s upbeat energy brought a lot of learning and growth into my personal development but its fast pace lifestyle had also a strong impact on my well-being; bringing up a lot of hidden fears and anxiety along the way. These obstacles became my pointers and brought me to the “medication of meditation”. What followed was many years of exploration into different meditation techniques and therapies. I also took several trips to India spending weeks/ months in meditation retreats and ashrams. Meditation not only changed my view of, and relationship to life, but healed and transformed all of my other relationships. It made me a better daughter, friend, partner and teacher. It transformed me into a more compassionate human being – one who is available to the world.

At this moment, I am in the process of developing my own meditation modalities which will be offered as monthly courses. If you are interested please contact me (har.monized2@gmail.com) and I am happy to send you more information about this upcoming service.