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Tondra Lynford

"I have had a number of Pilates instructors, and Monika is by far the best. Her knowledge and experience are evident in her ability to identify a client's unique body issues and thoughtfully move forward in addressing them. She is vigilant as she guides her client to correctly "re-train" poor or maladaptive movements. My work/training with Monika has completely restructured my torso/hip/leg relationship. She is knowledgable, insightful, patient and committed to her work. I value my training with Monika because I feel safe with her judgement and am, therefore, motivated to work harder. In short, I feel safe, confident and get results with Monika."

Linda Nelson

"I would say that I have never met anyone as dedicated to helping people as Monika. Her strength comes from loving what she does and conveying that to her clients. Her enthusiasm is contagious. She is always adding to her store of knowledge about the human body as well as the human spirit and she is always thinking about new and better ways to use that knowledge to help her clients. I always tell Monika that she performs magic because whenever I have a pain or an ache or any kind of issue with my body, it's gone by the end of the session. Of course, I know this isn't magic - it's the result of years of honing her craft so that she knows exactly what to do. The great thing about Monika is that as serious as she is about what she does, she also has a terrific sense of humor so that every session is fun as well as hard work. I keep coming back because I can't even imagine not coming back."

Tom Goodale

"Monika is an accomplished teacher, who brings a wealth of experience to her teachings. As a long time student of hers, I have benefited greatly from Monika's hands on instruction and dedication to her students' unique needs. She is knowledgeable, warm, insightful and has for sure the unique ability to tailor her teaching to suit each one of her student's needs. It seems to me that she effortlessly designs classes to help students like me get the most benefit from the vast library of movement. I remain a student of Monika's because of her warm and caring personality, as well as her passion for physical health and wellness. Her superb grasp of the Pilates method and dedication to her students are the reason I keep coming back to workout with Monika. I am grateful to be one of her students!"

Mona Browne

"Monika is a fantastic Pilates instructor! I have worked with her consistently for two years and my progress has been amazing. I was new to Pilates when we started working together. Right away, Monika grasped how my body worked, what I needed and created a personalized program that was just right. She is the best of the best: well-trained, reliable, personable and makes you feel comfortable right away. She always has a smile on her face and loves her job. Monika will adapt or tweak specific exercises as needed and will even offer suggestions for home exercises to help with a sore or stiff body part. Monika’s vast knowledge of Pilates combined with her Iyengar Yoga expertise are a great combination.   I return regularly because I value the strength and flexibility gained from a consistent Pilates practice. My body and mind feel great after each session. She inspires me to work harder to take my fitness to the next level  and I look forward to our sessions, I’m grateful for the progress I have made and our professional friendship. Monika is a true gem!"


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